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Passion and non-attachment

Passion and non-attachment are often seen as mutually exclusive. I think this is a false assumption; indeed, without passion, we come back to ‘detachment’ rather than non-attachment. Passion is often viewed as fire. But could it be that this is … Continue reading

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The place of passion

Should we ‘follow our passion’? Should we ‘bring passion’ to everything we do?  Where does this idea of passion fit into our experience of and creation of joy? I find myself caught between these two positions, not sure which is … Continue reading

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ideaCity 2010 – brim full with joy!

When I first started to explore how we perceive joy in contemporary society, I was surprised to find how few references there were to it on the web. I spent last week as a volunteer at ideaCity, ‘Canada’s premiere meeting … Continue reading

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Should we forget . . .

Does forgetfulness in the form of senility return us to innocence? If we loose our words, is the rift healed? Is there a primal self beyond our intentional self that is more authentic? [Translate]

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