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Gratitude and joy – an intimate relationship

I am increasingly inclined to think that joy and gratitude are close companions, engaged in a mutual dance of enrichment. When we experience that moment of joy, whether at the birth of a child or in witnessing a beautiful sunset, is it possible to feel joy without a sense of gratitude? (This article continues by defining gratitude as a state of being, a lens through which to view life, a practice and acknowledging its connection to joy, wonder and mindfulness.) Continue reading

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Buying human

It strikes me that both obesity and the constant need to buy new things can, in some part, be traced back to the lack of connection and meaning that is so often the mark of mass consumerism. We crave more food, more clothes, more everything, because we live with a sense that our appetites are never quite satisfied.

So this is by way of a salute to that small but growing band of entrepreneurs who understand that passion, meaning, friendship, connection – all those qualities that define the best of what it is to be human – can also be good business. Continue reading

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Joy, suffering and the ego

I read today a view that the ego will always attempt to suck us back into a state of suffering. Without resistance, we begin to blur our sense of separateness and the ego needs us to see ourselves in terms … Continue reading

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The importance of storytelling

Through listening to and reading the stories of others, we build the tools we need to frame our own experiences. Without words or narrative skill, we cannot reference or fully inhabit what happens to us and our responses to it; we cannot focus our thoughts or our emotions.

Stories give us metaphor, the stuff of the ‘creation of meaning’. They give us legends based on archetypes that enable us to recognize the rich cast of characters that inhabit our inner worlds. Continue reading

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The place of passion (2)

Passion, meaning, engagement, flow, now . . . These were some of the themes I highlighted in my last post. I wonder if all or any of these are part of the essential stuff of joy? Passion – I think … Continue reading

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