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Gratitude and joy – an intimate relationship

I am increasingly inclined to think that joy and gratitude are close companions, engaged in a mutual dance of enrichment. When we experience that moment of joy, whether at the birth of a child or in witnessing a beautiful sunset, is it possible to feel joy without a sense of gratitude? (This article continues by defining gratitude as a state of being, a lens through which to view life, a practice and acknowledging its connection to joy, wonder and mindfulness.) Continue reading

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A story of snow . . .

Words and storytelling give us tools to amplify wonder and joy in the everyday.

I walk across the park to work through falling snow. Momentarily, I lower my eyelids and open my inner eyes. I am surrounded by myriad crystals, each unlike any other, that in moments will cease to be. Continue reading

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Can knowledge amplify joy?

Walking in snow-like-sand, entranced by each grain’s iridescent glitter.  Does the knowledge of the unseen, the microscopic beauty of the crystal structures, increase my sense of wonder, of joy? I have always perceived joy as being fed by wisdom rather … Continue reading

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White Night (2)

“But I haven’t seen any art!” A snatch of conversation overheard more than once during Toronto’s Nuit Blanche. I think one of the best things about this annual all-nighter is that it reminds one of how artificial boundaries are. What … Continue reading

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ideaCity 2010 – brim full with joy!

When I first started to explore how we perceive joy in contemporary society, I was surprised to find how few references there were to it on the web. I spent last week as a volunteer at ideaCity, ‘Canada’s premiere meeting … Continue reading

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