The joy of food and drink

Food – it is so easy to relate to what we eat in terms of necessity, habit and craving, to forget to savour the experience, the flavours, the textures, the provenance, the effort, the artistry.

Whilst it would seem to me excessive to eat expensively too often, after enjoying a wonderful local food tasting menu (with matched wines) at the Globe Bistro last night I came away very much aware that, in focussing on our experience of food and wine, giving it real attention, there is an opportunity to hone a more general awareness and appreciation.

We speak of the culinary art. Art at its best has always held an ability to shift my perception, to change the way I experience the world. Tasting menus, if they are any good, do just this.

They offer a reminder to be fully present when we eat in such a way that genuinely ‘feeds’ our sense of joy!

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