The joys of Spring . . .

It struck me today just how many Spring flowers bloom golden, as if welcoming back the sun!

And when it arrives, here the sun always seems so strong that, even with the freshness of departing winter, as soon as it comes out it feels almost as if we have skipped a season into summer, despite bare trees and grass not yet greened again. We bask in the sense of wellbeing that it brings.

Exploring the Evergreen Brickworks, we check out the  fabulous farmers’ market and so much more, a re-purposing of this wonderful industrial site as a source of inspiration for community, creativity and sustainability.

Wandering through the wetlands, I recognized the call of the returning Red-winged Blackbird long before I saw any, affirming that we no longer experience this world totally as newcomers. And it was the crackle of dry grass and leaves that alerted me to a tangle of Garter Snakes.

Truly a morning touched by the fine dust of joy!

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