The Corporate Soul Movement

For most of my life, the words ‘corporate’ and ‘soul‘ have seemed light years apart. How wonderful, then, to happen on the beginnings of a movement to put soul at the heart of corporate life.

The article that underpins this movement cites research indicating that

only 20% of employees are truly engaged “heart and soul” in their work.


blames the almighty corporate mission, vision and goals that lack “cosmic good” and drain the life blood from the heart and soul.

It is truly encouraging to discover that there are major corporations out there rooted in something more than the bottom line – and that many are finding that, in fact, a stronger, more human value base is good for business. The article is well worth a glance.

Perhaps my desire to promote the capacity for joy really is coming of age, can contribute to this shift. Tantalizingly, just over the horizon where I can’t yet see it, is the possibility of putting this at the core of my life and allowing it to drive the way in which I make a living!

You can sign up to the Corporate Soul Movement yourself on Germane Consulting`s website.

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