Home sweet home –
my heart’s hearth.
Source of my current being,
beginning and end of each journey
of body or soul.

My morning world,
filled with sunshine,
glowing with colour,
imbued with life and love,
shining its light
into the dark corners of living.

  • – luminary, radiant, incandescent
    – shine, sheen, gloss, lustre
    – blaze, dazzle, flame and flare
    – halo, nimbus, gloriole, corona . . .

The rainbow’s end and beginning –
rich, riotous colour
weaving my tapestry of being,
chromatic, prismatic variegation
of tint and tone,
each colour setting off each colour –
a constantly evolving pattern
of light and shade.
Each subtle difference
adds to my peacock tail,
shifting me, chameleon skinned.

My home is your home,
yet your tapestry weave diverges
in its non-uniformity,
a contrary medley
of difference and sameness.
Your warp and my weft may interweave
or depart in capricious virtuosity
as your life flirts with mine.