Human beingness

No theory can encompass the complexity of human experience. My personal conception is of each of us existing at differing points along multiple and multi-dimensional continua. We function within our own unique constellation of traits and ways of being, derived from our genetic inheritence and our experience. On many of the continua, our position shifts as a result of our interaction with the world and, most particularly, with other people.

Our constantly changing personal constellation might be described as a map of the soul. If we assume that, ultimately, the theoretical aim of growth would be for all continua to be in balance, centred, then it is not difficult to reach the concept of the point at which all meet.  Is this a soul going super-nova? Nirvana?

Winter sun

Theory in itself could be defined as a defence against unknowing. Certainly, if it becomes rigidified, it may take this form. At its best, theory can provide us with a series of lenses through which to view the world, each adding to that which we call insight, but with the acceptance that there is always more beyond our vision.

August 2005

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