“I am”

Let there be light“I am”, cries the wind,
“I am”, the sleepless soul replies.
And the raindrops mingle 
with my tears of wonder
as they meet,
becoming one with the timeless river.

“Never can they tame me!”
my spirit cries out,
“We are one,
I am the wind, the rain,
the fire,
I am that which is beyond.”

I love, yet I am alone;
I love, yet love touches not;
I love, but I cannot see.

Spirit of Peace
know me;
let me become part of you,
take me in.
Take me in . . .

I am.
We are.
And the wonder is like the soaring
bird among the clouds.
Understand me . . .

(1974 – aged 16)

I see this now as gloriously adolescent, but I still also find a truth within it.